Thursday, October 4, 2007

Balot.... one of my favorite foods!

After breaking the shell on top. You sipped the fluid inside..... I don't like putting salt or vinegar. I just like my balot as it is!

Who could'nt resist this? I know for some people it's gross but for me it's one f my favorite food... yummy! very tasty in fact (",)

more pics....


Paula said...

I´m a journalist in Brazil and a friend found this blog and told me to see how absurd this balot thing is.
This might taste nice, but here we are talking about a precious life of a baby animal that was brutally interrupted. It´s not gross, it´s cruel and sick.
I hope this doesn´t serve as an example to other kids of your age. I prefer to think children in general are more sensitive to love and respect animals.

lin said...


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