Saturday, September 29, 2007

D' Jumbo Crab!!!

hey, look! ang laki ng crab!!!

ang tapang ko di ba?!..... kunyari lang po.... may tali naman kasi eh, hehe!!!

sipit pa lang ulam na!!!

my peborit!!! sarap!!!

more pics....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jumbo Hotdog

another photo....

I love jumbo hotdog on stick, even in buns but for today, for my snack.... I like it with rice sprinkled with savor. My mom likes her jumbo hotdog with lots of mayonnaise on it! My Dada likes it plain.... no dressing at all or whatsoever!

Davao, our first family vacation!

Last summer, we took off to Davao. My uncles, aunties, cousins and my grandma were very much surprised by our presence. They didn't know we were coming!

We went to beach twice. I attended Jarod's Moving-up Ceremony in school. My Maman and Dada with Tita Tin-tin, Tita Butchay and Tito Clark went to downtown Davao to taste some of the best foodies there.... Foodtripping! I had lots of time playing the playstation.... yeheyyyy!

It's my first time to ride in a big ship. We sailed in Super Ferry back home. It was a week of fun! I hope we'll be back there next year (",)

click the links for the photos....
> Our arrival in Davao.
> Jones Beach Resort
> Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort
> Foodtripping
> Super Ferry 15

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lolo Torres

Almost two weeks ago, we went to my Dada's hometown, Bulacan. It was Lolo Torres' funeral. We also had a mini-reunion. It was my first time to see Lolo Danny, Ninong Moy and Tita Joy. They all came from Australia. I got to see again all my cousins who live there and Lola Gonyang. I had a great time!

more photos....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wall Climbing at SM-Southmall

more pictures....

Skate Asia '07; Manila, Philippines

This was held last month, August 12-18, at SM-Mall of Asia. It was our first time, the Philippines, to host an international ice skating competition.

My medals out of the 6 events I joined.... Click it to watch my skating programs/videos....

>Couple Spotlight; Character with Kuya JL
>Delta; Solo Technical Program
>Light Entertainment Solo Spotlight

>Production Number with the Macho Papas

>Delta; Stroking Event
>Jump & Spin; Low

We also got the GOLD Trophy for the "Medium Production".

Below, some of the pictures that Maman, Dada and Tita Tin-tin took during the competition....

SM- Summer Skate Manila 2007

Just click the links to see my videos.

Light Entertainment Solo Spotlight - GOLD....

Couples Spotlight - Character with Kuya JL - GOLD....

Speedracing - BRONZE....

Technical Event; Delta - GOLD....

My supportive Maman!

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