Thursday, September 20, 2007

Davao, our first family vacation!

Last summer, we took off to Davao. My uncles, aunties, cousins and my grandma were very much surprised by our presence. They didn't know we were coming!

We went to beach twice. I attended Jarod's Moving-up Ceremony in school. My Maman and Dada with Tita Tin-tin, Tita Butchay and Tito Clark went to downtown Davao to taste some of the best foodies there.... Foodtripping! I had lots of time playing the playstation.... yeheyyyy!

It's my first time to ride in a big ship. We sailed in Super Ferry back home. It was a week of fun! I hope we'll be back there next year (",)

click the links for the photos....
> Our arrival in Davao.
> Jones Beach Resort
> Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort
> Foodtripping
> Super Ferry 15